Donald Trump Jr.’s father, O.J. Escape from the White House from Simpson-style – Timeline

Donald Trump Jr.'s father, O.J.  Escape from the White House from Simpson-style - Timeline

Live Saturday night A field day continues with numerous slides about Donald Trump leaving the White House, with the results of the 2020 presidential election. Saturday night, the SNL The team’s reality TV star’s departure was hailed by an O.J. Simpson gave the spin.

Ego Navodim And Dave Chappell Two Washington, D.C. news broadcasters monitored a car chase that emerged from the White House. After returning to the President’s “live” scenes on the highway, SNL Donald Trump Jr. picks up the wheel and shows Simpson speeding down the highway as police chase him down Whiteford Franco.

“It simply came to our notice then. If they deceive the president, he could unleash an army of Pride Boys and flag-waving trucks, ”Chappell’s news broadcaster warned. “He’s like an aquaman, but instead of fish he can summon the whole parking lot of a cracker barrel.”

Trump Jr. makes the 911 call and features Trump begging for a hamburger in the background.

“We’re fine right now, but you have to tell the police to back off, tell them to stand down or Daddy will officially start the campaign for 2024,” Trump Jr. tells the 911 sender. “The announcement tweet to my dad is ready to go – he’ll have to press a button.”

When Novotimin’s anchor describes the “desperate” situation in which Trump appears to exist, Chappell responds that there are two ways to see the situation unfolding in front of them.

“You hate to see it, but more than that, you want to see it,” he says

Worked to hold a post-election election Live Saturday night The episode and Foo Fighters were music guests.

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See complete SNL Skit above.

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