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This is not with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s play, nor with the help of the legendary phrase from the movie “Terminator” – “I will be back”(I will return) – Donald Trump promised to return. In his own way, with vague phrases, he left the same promise in the air. Mysterious at first, more on the White House pitch, then more clear. “We will be back somehow,” he said during his last speech as president of the United States, after promising a “short goodbye” already. He then entered Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” with one of the Air Force, while a small crowd watched the President’s plane disappear into the sky.

When Trump promised to say goodbye and return, Joe Biden told Washington D.C. The first left and the second was ready to pledge to make him the 46th president of the United States, not to be in the city when he picks up his opponent. It is no secret that Trump’s absence, the former head of state was quick to assume that he would violate that tradition, failing to invest in his successor as the country’s fourth president.

Therefore, it was expected that the Trump couple would leave the White House following a strict schedule so that when Biden laid his hands on the Bible outside the Capitol, Donald and Melania were already in their new home. Location? Oh Pleasure Mar-e-Lago, the billionaire in Palm Beach, Florida, is one of the states that gave its election votes to Trump, not Joe Biden.


Donald Trump’s last speech before leaving for Florida

The White House quickly left. The presidential helicopter Marine One landed in the southern meadow, and the couple quickly climbed up. Despite the many journalists, Trump did not have long to come. It is an honor to serve as President of the United States, according to a CNN correspondent. After saying goodbye to those who were with him he promised that it would not be “long said goodbye”. American television commentators stuck to his words and debated what Trump meant. A half-answer has already arrived at the airport in Maryland, where she came across the voice of “Gloria” written by Laura Brongen.

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There, Donald Trump’s speech retained its usual tone and, as the newspaper showed, was said to have sinned as a lie. New York Times When verifying the facts for what has been said. One such statement is that his administration carried out “the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history,” far less than in the past.

Despite this, North American television followed his last speech to the last. MSNBC threatened to go live “until the president tells the truth”, but did not disconnect the microphone.

Without ever mentioning the name of Joe Biden, whom Trump never mentioned in his opening speech, Donald Trump wished for future administrative luck and could witness any economic growth. Everything will be thankful for the work done by your management. “They will definitely be very successful, they have the foundations to do great things, and we have left this country unprecedented,” Andrews said of the country’s future “good numbers.”


Marine One will not last long on the White House pitch where Trump promised to say goodbye

“Remember when these things start to happen. If no one changes what we did … Be careful, I’m looking at some data from our economy, I can only say that it’s like watching a space rocket launch,” he said.

Trump spoke of the “vaccine miracle” as a victory for his administration, and hailed the way he handled the epidemic. Finally, before finally joining Air Force One, he made his promise again: “Goodbye, we love you, we’ll be back somehow.”

In Washington D.C., Joe Biden last wrote Tweet Before taking the official account of the President of the United States on that social network, and in order to coincide with the departure of the President’s plane: “This is a new day in the United States.” But in Maryland, before Trump finally entered Air Force One for Florida, Frank Sinatra’s voice echoed a melody of “I did it my way.” So, in his own way, Donald Trump left that place.

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