Donald Trump’s impeachment is brought before the Senate with impeachment

Donald Trump's impeachment is brought before the Senate with impeachment

Representatives of the lower house of the United States Congress filed the indictment against former United States President Donald Trump on Monday, beginning the dismissal process on February 8.

The nine Democratic congressmen filed a complaint “for incitement to insurgency” after being adopted by the House of Representatives on January 13, by 232 votes in favor, including ten Republicans, and 197 against.

It will be the first time the Senate has tried a former President of the United States, which has led some Republicans to question the legality of the process.

For the Senate, condemning Trump, which would result in political disqualification, a minimum of 67 votes, or two-thirds, is an unlikely number to be achieved since Democrats and Republicans each hold 50 seats.

If all Democrats voted to convict Trump, 17 Republican lawmakers should as well, and several, including Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, were unsure of their position.

McConnell and the new Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Shumer last week announced an agreement on rules that will govern the political process and a timetable, starting the week of February 8.

This timeline has responded to requests from Republicans, who have asked for time for Trump to prepare for the defense.

This is the second impeachment case against Donald Trump, which overtook the first in early 2020 due to pressure he put on Ukraine to investigate the alleged corruption of the current President of the States- United, Joe Biden.

Trump is the first president to be subjected to two political processes and this second he faces the charge of “incitement to insurgency” by attack on the Capitol, on January 6, by a crowd of supporters.

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At least five people died in the attack, including a policeman.

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