Doubts focus on bench movements and field clashes: Arbitrators have new signs

Doubts focus on bench movements and field clashes: Arbitrators have new signs


Judges from the C1, C2 and VAR categories took part in an event promoted by the Portuguese Football Association’s arbitral tribunal.

In the second recycling and evaluation activity of this sports season, this Tuesday, selected referees and assistants took part in judging the professional competitions (C1, C2 and VAR) in Portugal.

The session was promoted by the Portuguese Football Association (FPF) Refereeing Forum (CA) and took place via video conference. In addition to the theoretical assessment, the judges also received new indications of what was left to beep in leagues I and II.

According to O GOGO, the CA called for greater attention to be paid to the movements of elements in the technical area (people standing on the bench, dissent and demonstrations against decisions), as well as the actions of players on the field. Mobilization (surrounding and pressing the player). Referee) or conflicts between enemies.

The session, hosted by Jose Fondelus Gomez, was attended by Englishman David Ellere (IFAB’s current technical director (body governing body) and FPF’s CA adviser. This is the case from the current sports season.

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