Dozens of AmazonBasics products can pose a safety risk, the report says.

Dozens of AmazonBasics products can pose a safety risk, the report says.

Products affected include USB charging cables, battery chargers, office equipment and other inexpensive accessories. One of the products of particular concern, according to CNN, was a voice-assisted microwave oven that “starts smoking with flames” as soon as the researchers knocked on by CNN to investigate the product.

CNN points out that in some cases, the product in question was not used even when it lit up or appeared to be overheating. The cause of the problem was not immediately clear. However, for some products, the problem is so widespread that dozens of people who have bought the same item report.

Although Amazon has since discontinued some of the products it has identified with CNN, it continues to sell other items named in the report even after several customers have said that the product has melted, sparked, or caused other safety risks.

An Amazon spokesman said in a statement that “safety is a top priority,” and the company said, “We are confident that AmazonBasics Microwave is safe to use.” A spokesman said, “This appliance continues to meet or exceed all certification requirements established for the FDA, UL, FCC, Prop 65 and other safety and functions.” Amazon also recently Blog post About the safety of AmazonBasics.

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