Dozens of species have been declared extinct in a recent IUCN report

Dozens of species have been declared extinct in a recent IUCN report

Thirty-one plants and animals were officially declared extinct in a report released by an international defense organization on Thursday, describing the continuing challenges and successes facing conservationists around the world.

Report, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has released that more than 35,000 species on Earth are now endangered, including for the first time a diverse global population of freshwater dolphins.

In another shocking regional example documented in the report, experts declared that every species of freshwater fish belonging to Lake Lano in the Philippines has become extinct as a result of habitat destruction brought about by overfishing and invasive species in the picture above; The remaining two types of native fish are considered “extinct” due to their very small population.

Dozens of tree frog species are now considered extinct in Central and South America, causing citridomycosis as a result of a deadly fungal infection that threatens many waterfowl species worldwide.

Dr. Thomas Lacher, Jr., a researcher at A&M University in Texas, said: “As a defender, the most emotional message right now is to confirm destruction.

“The causes range from exaggeration to disease, some threats make it easier than others. The impact of citrate fungus on people with diabetes is particularly distressing, as do defenders around the world. Should, ”Lacher said.

Although the report issued several stern warnings to conservationists, it also noted some success in efforts to save populations of endangered species. Twenty-six species, including the European bison, were declared “recovering” as a result of efforts to protect habitats and support endemic populations of animals.

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“Today’s redshift security updates provide the lifeblood of the world’s ambitious biodiversity goals that can be set and met. Said Dr. Jane Smart, Global Director of the Inn Biodiversity Conservation Group.

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