Dramatically poor availability of custom designs

Dramatically poor availability of custom designs

From Thilo Bayer
PCGH has already announced the simple introduction of custom designs with the Radeon RX6800 (XD). There are now indications that the start of the sale may be worse than the fear.

About having custom designs with Radeon RX6800 (XD) on the official launch day on November 25th. Came with higher prices, We have already reported. Now there are additional signs that stores are also very dissatisfied – not just customers.

RX 6800 (XT): This is even more expensive

Proshop, a Danish mail order company that already shows extraordinary transparency in the availability of RTX-30 graphics cards On his landing sideCustom designs are available with the Radeon RX6800 (XD). Manufacturer cards from five companies are listed, including Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor and Sapphire – not on the XFX list. It shows the cards ordered by the customers, the custom designs ordered from the manufacturer, the cards they go with and the cards that have already arrived. In fact, there is no pro shop: Power Color was only able to deliver 100 reference designs with the 6800 and 25 reference designs with the 6800 XT.

The Radeon RX6800 in particular has surprisingly few open orders (currently 50), but the pro shop points out that areas where a card can be booked should be restricted. Therefore, the number does not correspond to the actual requirement. For different reasons, some cards still cannot be ordered. After all, the pro store ordered about 2,200 from the manufacturers. Only 13 cards are still on the way. It looks very different with the Radeon RX6800XT. There are 423 open orders from customers, with Proshop ordering nearly 1,900 cards. Only 9 people are coming, so far only 25 have been offered – not even a custom design.

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Now the pro store may not be representative of the rest of the world, but there are other signs of a worsening distribution situation. American Chain Micro Center For example statementsThere are no custom designs for the release. Australian cargo PLE system There were temporarily huge reports on his website bei DSO Gaming Must read. AMD Radeon RX6000 Series Warning: Paper Release. Very limited role along the way. Future levels are not confirmed. Unfortunately, our first ship had a very limited number of shares on these cards. That small number of cards should be in our warehouse in the next one or two weeks. “This time there is only the following note, clearly good note:” AMD Radeon RX6000 Series Warning: Pre-orders only, no specific date at this time “.

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Radeon RX6800 (XD): Custom designs are expensive

Custom designs with # RX6800: Fear not, prices are high – more than already expensive reference cards.

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