“Drivers need to think about climate change”. Cambridge, USA puts warnings on all gas stations – Obs …

“Drivers need to think about climate change”.  Cambridge, USA puts warnings on all gas stations - Obs ...

It is an important step towards the awareness of all those who travel daily by car or motorbike. The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts became the first in the United States to affix stickers to gasoline pump hoses for alert drivers to the dangers they present which add to the climate crisis.

Completely in yellow, the decals remind all drivers that the combustion of gasoline, diesel and ethanol has “Huge consequences for human health and the environment, including the contribution to climate change”. According to with The Guardian, reminders will be posted at all service stations in Cambridge, a city very close to Boston and home to the remarkable Harvard University.

“The City of Cambridge is working hard with our community to tackle climate change. Stickers at petrol stations will remind drivers to think about climate change and perhaps lead them to consider non-polluting options ”, the spokesperson for the city’s executive told the English newspaper.

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The placement of the stickers was approved in January and the City of Cambridge aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Travel, especially the use of cars, accounts for more than a quarter of the United States’ carbon dioxide emissions. Yet, according to the latest analysis cited by The Guardian, Americans have not opted for vehicles powered by alternative energy: on the contrary, there was a peak in SUV sales last year.

The use of these stickers, already in use in several cities in Sweden, is part of a growing logic according to which graphic and more direct warnings can influence people’s judgment – as has been the case for several years and in virtually all countries with pictures placed on tobacco packages. “These labels are designed to create the feeling that a rule has been broken or that a law has been broken. This feeling, combined with growing social pressure, as happens with tobacco package labels, can turn into a collapse of confidence in the current system. So, increase the public’s appetite for alternatives ”, Jamie Brooks of Project Beyond the Pump explained to The Guardian.

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