Drone Disinfection Cleans Atlanta Arena Between Events

Drone Disinfection Cleans Atlanta Arena Between Events

Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, A pair of drones to disinfect fan seats and other areas After the upcoming event. Special production D1 disinfection drone It is provided by Lucid Drone Technologies and uses electrostatic spray nozzles to distribute non-toxic disinfection chemicals. The drone is set to debut after the home game against the Carolina Panthers on October 11.

The arena claims to be the first professional sports arena to use cleaning drones and reduces the time it takes to clean the arena’s seating area by 95%, allowing staff to work elsewhere. Drones also disinfect the railings and glass dividers in the arena. Two drones are used, the third as backup. ESPN report.

As the world considers how the world reopens public spaces due to an epidemic, remote cleaning solutions like this have emerged as a high-level method of efficiently disinfecting large areas while keeping cleaning staff socially distant. Pittsburgh Airport in May UV cleaning robot, Disinfection robot diagram Containment area in Chennai, India.

However, some experts criticized the excessive focus on surface disinfection as a “sanitary theater”. Recent report Atlantic Ocean. The reason is that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Surface propagation is said to be “possible.” “I don’t think it’s the primary way the virus is spread. Instead, airborne radio waves are seen as a much bigger problem, making social distancing and wearing masks to reduce radio waves a more important policy.

Drones spray into seating areas, railings and glass partitions.
Image: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Disinfection zones are not directly thought to be harmful, but sanitation facilities run the risk of creating a false sense of security. Atlantic Ocean report. In some cases, it can also suck up resources from other areas.

Thankfully, disinfecting drones at the 71,000-seat Mercedes-Benz Stadium may not be the only sanitation policy. CNN report It’s unclear exactly how many fans can attend, and there will be 600 hand sanitizing dispensers installed around the building, but their capacity will be limited. Officials at Atlanta Falcons’ parent company AMBSE previously said it would be mandatory for fans to return to play this year, and that the stadium would enforce the 6-foot distance rule between seated groups. AJC report.

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