Dropped continent of Zealandia exposed in detailed new map

Lost continent of Zealandia revealed in detailed new map

Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, most of the remnants of a 2 million square foot lost continent recognized as Zealandia have fascinated experts because 2017.

Now, scientists from GNS Science in New Zealand have mapped the submerged land mass in breathtaking new detail.

“We’ve made these maps to give an precise, full and up-to-date photograph of the geology of the New Zealand and southwest Pacific region – much better than we have had right before,” guide creator of the maps, geologist Nick Mortimer, explained in a statement.

The maps, which can be accessed through a new interactive web site, reveal the shed eighth continent’s tectonic profile, alongside with the shape and depth of the ocean flooring encompassing it.

“Their value is that they present a refreshing context in which to reveal and comprehend the location of New Zealand’s volcanoes, plate boundary and sedimentary basins,” Mortimer stated.

New maps and website give fresh insights into NZ continent.
GNS Science

The researchers’ function, which is part of a all over the world hard work to map the planet’s complete ocean floor by 2030, depicts coastlines, territorial boundaries and the names of main undersea attributes.

Mortimer instructed Company Insider that the new maps offer you much more evidence that Zealandia was basically a independent continent – as opposed to a “microcontinent,” which was its classification just before 2017.

A tectonic map of New Zealandia, which shows the types and age of the crust, major faults, and volcanoes that make up the continent.
A tectonic map of New Zealandia, which displays the types and age of the crust, important faults, and volcanoes that make up the continent.GNS Science

“If we could pull the plug on the world’s oceans, it would be really very clear that Zealandia stands out,” he informed Science News in 2017, introducing, “if it wasn’t for the ocean amount, lengthy back we’d have identified Zealandia for what it was — a continent.”

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“Users can zoom and pan all over diverse thematic geoscience internet maps of the location. They can easily watch and interrogate the maps and change layers on or off. They can also query functions in the layers and crank out custom maps of their possess,” plan chief Vaughan Stagpoole mentioned.

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