Dubai confirms that Princess Latifa is receiving treatment at her home

Dubai confirms that Princess Latifa is receiving treatment at her home

The United Arab Emirates’ embassy in London said on Friday that Princess Latifa, who was “held hostage” by her father, the Emirate of Dubai, was “receiving treatment at her home” and that her condition was “improving”.

“His family has confirmed that he is being treated at his high-level home with the support of family and health professionals. His condition continues to improve and we hope he will resume public life soon,” the embassy responded to the BBC’s statement in the video, saying the princess was being held “hostage” in her country, fearing for her life. Said.

Earlier, during a press conference this morning, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Liz Throssel has asked the United Arab Emirates to provide evidence of Princess Latifa’s life, and the case is set to be made permanent at the Emirates on Thursday.

“In light of the confusing videos released this week, we express our concern about the situation. We ask for more information and clarification on the current situation,” Princess Latifa said.

“We asked for proof of life,” Liz Throssel said.

In addition, the spokeswoman expressed “deep concern” over the fate of Princess Latifah and urged the UAE government to “make its response a priority issue”.

The 35-year-old princess, daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, tried to escape from the Gulf city state by boat in 2018. …

Her family members aired videos in which the young woman claims to be locked up in a “prison-converted farm.”

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Family members say they did not ask the princess.

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