Dublin’s mother and baby were found dead locally when their sleeping father was revealed, unaware of the tragedy.

Dublin's mother and baby were found dead locally when their sleeping father was revealed, unaware of the tragedy.

The body of a Dublin woman was found early Thursday morning, just hours before her young son was found dead at home.

This woman was locally nominated as pediatric nurse Nikola Kin, who is estimated to be in her 30s.

She was found under a bridge near her home in Lucan, Dublin, shortly before her seven-month-old son was found unresponsive by Gardai.

According to Ireland Times, The baby’s father was completely unaware of the double tragedy that had befallen his family, and Gardai was only warned of the situation to wake him up and inform him of Nicola’s death.

At this point, Garda members discovered that the couple’s seven-month-old baby Henry was unresponsive. He was later found dead on the scene.

The case is being treated as a family tragedy for the time being, but an investigation is ongoing.

One source said yesterday night, “This is a terrible tragedy. Gardaí is not looking for anyone else.

“The post-mortem autopsy of the baby will determine the direction in which the investigation will proceed.”

Photo: Nicola Keane (Facebook)

Gardaí was treating the baby’s death as “inexplicable” and was waiting for the consequences to determine if the foul was the cause.

According to some reports, post-mortem autopsy was considered inconclusive, stating that the cause of death “may be suffocation, but it could have been an accident.”

In a statement, Gardaí said, “We are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a woman’s body in Lower Road, Strawberry Beds, Lucan, Co. Dublin and the unexplained death of a toddler boy in an American home. Lucan Co. Dublin, 2020 October 22 -.

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“At around 3:45am on October 22nd, 2020, at 3:45am, Gardaí found a woman’s body in Lower Road, Strawberry Beds, when it was reported that pedestrians were doing suspicious behavior on the M50 (paid square) bridge.

“After this incident, Gardaí went to a house in Lucan, where a seven-month-old baby was found unresponsive. He was declared dead on the scene shortly after.

“The accident room was set up at Lucan Garda Station and a technical inspection of the site was conducted. The coroner and the main pathologist’s office were notified.

“The infant’s body was moved to Krumlin Hospital, and the woman’s body was moved to the morgue when the post-examination was done.

“At this stage, the Gardaí investigation is treating these events as a family tragedy and is currently not looking for anyone else in connection with the death.

“No further information is currently available. Investigation is ongoing.”

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