Duda Reis says he was physically assaulted by Nego do Borel: “I was beaten and then I received love” – ​​Who

Duda Reis says he was physically assaulted by Nego do Borel: "I was beaten and then I received love" - ​​Who

Duda Reis (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Duda Reis posted a series of videos on Wednesday (13) to give more details about his relationship with Nego do Borel. She said the singer will comment today on her allegations of an abusive relationship.

“I haven’t said half of what I’ve been through. The first strategy of an abuser is to make the victim look like crazy and that’s exactly what he is going to do today. ..) He will speak. He joined a criminal lawyer, focused on crimes against women, that men commit, ”she began.

“I was very manipulated, threatened me. He said he was going to have my family killed (…) I felt like a rat in a dead end. I knew everything he was doing, illegal things. he’s involved in, it’s not up to par I was always scared of him, I was emotionally dependent on him. He told me that he would never want me in my life (… ). I was beaten and then I received love. I spent three years thinking that love was beaten and then receiving love. “Yes, I was physically assaulted. There was an episode that pushed me so hard that I fell on chairs, that I was injured. One of his friends, a public figure, came to the middle to put the fight aside, to hold on. will be part of one of the assaults in the police report I am opening against him, ”Duda continued.

Duda Reis (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Duda Reis (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

“I had no way out of my head. And, yeah, I have a way out, I have a loving family, followers who support me, maybe even stupid people believe in handling this. man. Women, at least normal, sensitive, will have sorority with me and you will understand that he is manipulative. Do you think he did not speak yesterday why? Because he wants to bring things together against me so that I sound crazy, ”he says.

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Duda has stated that Nego do Borel will claim that she cheated on him. “He says he recorded several of my conversations with my friends. I couldn’t even call inside the house where I lived. From what I understand, I was taped and spied on. Especially when I was having a therapy session.

The actress said that some professionals who worked at her house would give testimonials about Nego’s behavior. “They were terrified of him. They will help me (…). All he does is lighten his bar as an artist. He only thinks of himself. He has an instinct to surreal survival, he doesn’t think of anyone. Every time I spoke it was under pressure from him, in the opinion. I left with all my friends, my family. “

According to her, Nego will say that Duda betrayed him in a statement this afternoon. “I never cheated on anyone, ever! I would never do that. The way I was mistreated, seeing friends in legal relationships, I said, ‘I deserve it.’ At the end of the relationship, I started to want to meet other people and be treated well, but never [traí] (…) I am tired. I will expose everything! I will not be defamed. Her team was trying to create fake news that I was sending nudes to celebrities, I didn’t even send her! “, Duda continued.” I tried to keep the class. Prepare for the acting show [dele] (…) If he posts any of my audio files, I will process it. But he doesn’t have the money for it anymore. As soon as we got back from the trip to the Maldives, the person did shit after shit, said he was paid … He sent me the bill for me to pay on the day we separated. I paid, I am not dependent on a man. But it was a gift. (…) The least he had to do was go to the hospital and ask for forgiveness, but he is not able to. “

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Duda also said that Nego’s social actions are nothing more than a facade. “The whole issue of charity is a lie. The videos with boys from the panel… He stopped recording and said, ‘I hate poor people, I hate black people. They stink, “He’s racist with himself.”

Asked by Quem, the opinion of Nego do Borel has not yet made contact.


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