Dune trailer: Denis Villeneuve SF saga goes beyond the epic

Dune trailer: Denis Villeneuve SF saga goes beyond the epic

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Now you have the first trailer. sand dune, An epic, star-studded new version of the classic science fiction series. Dune trailer: Denis Villeneuve SF saga goes beyond the epic

The person in charge Denis Villeneuve, An Oscar-winning French-Canadian director who has already proven his mastery of thoughtful and magnificent science fiction. arrive and Blade runner 2049. that much Dune trailer This new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune book is set as an epic poem, making it clear that he is taking it a step further in terms of scale. Seriously, get a load of this:

Timothy Chalamet In space legends and space politics, he plays Paul Atreides, descendant of a powerful space noble dynasty. Oscar Isaac His space dad is watching the future of his clan on a desert planet where space witches, space villains, and absolutely huge space worms collide in the sparkling sands swung in the wind. Also, wandering the dunes is an Emmy nomination. Zendaya, A fascinating character from our young hero’s cosmic dream.

While playing Eclipse’s soaring acrobatics, originally created by Pink Floyd, the trailer offers a few glimpses of the appropriate stellar cast. Charlotte Rampling, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson and Stellan Skarsgård Appearing in lavish outfits amid vast sets and gorgeous images, the film will give Blade Runner 2049 a chance to earn money in terms of signature style.

And this is just the beginning. The sequel is already planned to complete the story and also includes the TV series Dune: The Sisterhood with Villeneuve.

Dune will be released at the theater on December 18th. It’s as legendary as the trailer promises.

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