Dying light 2 | We have news about growth in 2021!

Dying light 2 |  We have news about growth in 2021!

D.Ying Lite 2 was one of the games that had a lot of problems during its development. The sequel to the company’s intellectual property was first announced in 2018 Decland Going through a complicated path and postponing indefinitely until 2020:

But frankly, a worker on the sports team says we will have news about the game in 2021 Difference of opinion Similarly, when sending his Christmas message to all followers and friends, he left out the following News, I will translate this:

“Merry Christmas in full dying light. We look forward to ‘death’ to bring you news on how development is going. Dying light Next year (2021). ”

With this, it leads us to believe that the release of the game will probably not be until 2021, and versions will be rejected PS4 / Xbox One, We will find out soon in the coming months.

Excitement here Dying light2 Enough. And many more? Tell us everything in the comments or on our social networks!

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