E-Health Impact, M1 Max and Click Keyboards | Cannot connect # 35.8

E-Health Impact, M1 Max and Click Keyboards |  Cannot connect # 35.8

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In the CD uplift for the release of 1/2021, security gaps are rediscovered: how easy it is to handle sealed card terminals in a doctor’s office From January 1, 2021, electronic patient files and e-medicines will be sent digitally – the terminals we handle will be used for security testing. In addition, c’t editorial team tested 22 health insurance applications – in detail about reverse engineering. In addition to the questionable code quality, issues related to traffic encryption and data security were also found.

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The first Apple computers had their own “Apple Silicon” ARM SoCs. Is the M1 chip really the best you can read in every corner of the internet? Benjamin Kraft talks about his experiences, adding insights into the Hartmouth Geiselman music software. The teams also talked about the M1 Max’s relevance to sports.

Rudy Obitz handles keyboards: A measuring instrument purchased specifically for keyboard testing determines which force a key should be pressed and when it should be triggered. C’t 1/2021 is about keyboards for a lot of writers, and by 2/2021 it will be the turn of gaming keyboards. Interestingly, there are still problems with the so-called ghost, i.e. unrecorded key pressures when multiple keys are triggered simultaneously.

Also present: Hartmut Geiselman, John-Keno Johnson, Benjamin Kraft & Rudy Orbits

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