East Coast Fireball: Video captures meteor streaks across Pennsylvania and Ohio.

East Coast Fireball: Video captures meteor streaks across Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Pittsburgh-The flash that illuminates the sky in parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio on Wednesday is probably an accidental meteor, experts said.

Many social media users in the Pittsburgh area reported seeing a series of fireballs just after 4 am. It remained in the sky for a while before disappearing from view.

Security cameras at a property owned by Mark and Rosemary Sasala in New Lime, Ohio, northwest Pittsburgh, captured a short, bright glare partially obscured by clouds around 4:20 AM

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The American Meteor Society, a non-profit organization, said more than 200 cases of bright fireballs were reported in eastern Ohio. Social official Robert Lunsford said the fireball is likely to be a random meteor not related to a known meteor shower.

Lunsford said you need an object the size of a soft ball to create a bright glare like a full moon. The object will probably be a little larger, but more analysis will be needed to determine its size, Lunsford said.

Pittsburgh’s National Weather Service said it knew the report but had no information. An official at the University of Pittsburgh Allergeny Observatory did not immediately comment.

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