EBay deals for Black Friday

EBay deals for Black Friday

After Singles Day, comes Black Friday. In this case, eBay Germany has drastically reduced the prices of a number of Xiaomi, Redmi and Go products. You will see all the current offers in the following perspective. As always, all products are shipped from Germany and all smartphones are the official Global / EU version.


Prices are only valid from 6am tomorrow. We will always renew contracts every hour so you will always be in a state of renewal. Unfortunately, offers end at 4 p.m. The following applies to Black Friday deals on eBay: The early bird catches the worm.

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Terms of Black Friday Agreements

The Black Friday sale on eBay will take place tomorrow from 6am to 4pm. This time you will receive the voucher POWERFRIDAY20

  • 10 படி discount on products over 150,
  • Discount 20 discount for over 250 products
  • Discount 50 discount on Products 550

Truth be told, this is not a lot of discounts compared to 20% on a single day. But stores will lower the prices for some products regardless of the voucher, thus distributing the usual best prices for many smartphones and gadgets from Germany. The voucher can only be retrieved once per account.

EBay stores stand out with particularly good deals for regular China’s best sellers yuhaitech2018, xiaomi_global, gshoppergermanystore And From my online Emerged. If you can not find a specific product in our list, you can search for offers on this store pages yourself. To estimate the price, you can refer to our pricing history Is provided Fall back. Black Friday We will list the best deals on eBay for you.

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Offers at a glance


We have boldly marked the best deals in our opinion on this list!


Redmi 9C with 2/32 GB For 90 for

Redmi 9 with 4 / 64GB for 135 for

Redmi Note 8 Mid 4/64 GB For 135 for

Redmi Note 8 Pro Mid 6/128 GB For 160 for

Redmi Note 9S Mid 4/64 GB For 140 for

Redmi Note 9S Mid 6/128GB For 160 for

Redmi Note 9 Pro Mid 6/64 GB 170 for

Redmi Note 9 Pro Mid 6/128 GB 179 for

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite with 6/128 GB for 269 for

Pogo X3 with 6 / 64GB 179 for

Pogo X3 with 6 / 128GB For 199 for

Xiaomi Mi10 Lite Mid 6/128GB To 9 259

Xiaomi Mi 10D Mid 6/128 GB 379 for

Xiaomi Mi 10D Mid 8/128 GB 399 for

Xiaomi Mi 10D Pro Mid 8/128 GB To 9 479

Xiaomi Mi 10D Pro Mid 8/256 GB For 29 529

Vacuum robots & wireless vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi Mi Robot 1c Robot vacuum cleaner for 160 for

Robrak S5 Max Vacuum robot for 9 289

ROBARACH H6 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 270 for

Xiaomi Mi Robot Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Rob 218

Dream D9 Robo Hoover for Rob 269

Dream F9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for 150

Dream V11 To 9 249

Dream V10 For 150 for

Dream V10 Pro 185 for

Dream V10 Plus

Roberg S6 For 332 for


Xiaomi Mi TV 4A with 32 inches For 140 for

Xiaomi Mi TV 4K 43 Inch To 9 249

Xiaomi Mi TV 4K with 55 inches To 9 319

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As always: Even on days like Black Friday everything is not a bargain. That’s why we only list offers to buy for ourselves. EBay distributors are not delivered directly and complexly from Germany.

Voucher “POWERFRIDAY20”On eBay

To enter a voucher on eBay, you must first place the products in the shopping cart. There you click “Update”. In the next step you can run the voucher below. The reduced price will be displayed later.

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