Effect of the “Queen’s Combit”: The Rise of Online Chess – Epoch Necchios

Effect of the "Queen's Combit": The Rise of Online Chess - Epoch Necchios

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Among the epidemics, especially a game of chess. Netflix’s growing popularity with its “O Compido da Rainha” series is now spreading to websites and streaming services.

As stated in it Bloomberg, The chess channels on Twitz, an online live streaming site, have increased the number of followers through virtual matches among players, raising the audience and subscriptions to famous chess players such as Best American Master. Hikaru Nagamura (broadcast as GM Hikaru).

Cess.com, a social networking and gaming server site, has added about 1 million new members each month since locking in March, and about 2.8 million in November alone. In the same month, more than 78 million standard chess games took place on the free online chess server LICE.

Retailers first benefited from the success of “O Compido da Rainhaw”, which was viewed by 62 million families in the first 28 days of its release, more than any other Netflix limited series. Toy Goliath Games, for example, saw a 1,100% increase in game sales in November and December.

Despite the good number, this pace will not continue due to lack of interest in the series. But Jennifer Shahde Bloomberg, a two-time female chess champion in the United States and current director of the United States Chess Federation’s women’s program, said she hoped the interest could translate into a “generational effect”.

Among popular chess channels, such as Anna Rudolph, Hungarian international master and female grandmaster streaming Anna_Ches, and Levi Rosemann, such as American international master streaming Gotham, demonstrate how streaming and content creation have changed in recent months.

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“When the epidemic broke out, all the events I had were canceled. All board matches have been canceled. So I thought, ‘What if I could do that? [streaming] A full-time job? ‘I was compelled to give it a try,’ said Rudolph, who started the epidemic with less than a dozen paid Twitch subscribers. Since then, his channel has reached a few thousand subscribers – from 99 to 4.99 per month. Up to 24.99 – early December and more than 80,000 followers.

Interest in chess grew so much that on December 11, to watch the semifinals of the Speed ​​Chess Championship, more than 70,000 viewers from all channels joined Twitz, which was played between the great masters Magnus Carlsen and Maxim Vachier-Lograve. As they played, streamers and well-known chess players analyzed and commented on movements and techniques in real time and interacted with the audience via live chat.

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