Eight smartphone models will no longer run WhatsApp

Eight smartphone models will no longer run WhatsApp

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On December 29, in a statement, The Share It has been reported that some cell phones will not support the app from this year, without specifying in which month it will occur.

The site will no longer work on some smartphones, and, according to the company, users of any of the models shown below will need to upgrade their devices by purchasing the latest devices to continue using the devices. WhatsApp services.

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Once shut down, the operating system will no longer be compatible with the specific operating systems of these phones and will not provide updates.

This means there will be no more technical troubleshooting or tool optimization.

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> IPhone 1
> IPhone 3G
> IPhone 3GS
> IPhone 4
> Motorola Droid Racer
> Samsung Galaxy S2
> HTC Desire
> LG Optimus Black

Oh Share He added that it will continue to run on devices with the latest operating system from iOS 9, Android 4.0.3 or KaiOS 2.5.1.

Users of the web version of WhatsApp (on PC) will no longer have support for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

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