Elderly man dies after falling into McDonald’s drive-through in Australia

Elderly man dies after falling into McDonald's drive-through in Australia

An elderly man has died after being in a drive-thru accident at a McDonald’s in Adelaide, Australia. Early reports say the 89-year-old pedestrian fell onto the sidewalk and banged his head against a car, which slowly exited the order queue on Wednesday (6). Now police are looking for witnesses to elucidate the details of the crash.

There is no evidence that the driver of the Toyota Sedan involved in the accident was run over or recklessly. The victim received assistance shortly after the incident, with a functioning ambulance called.

The elderly, as reported by local news program 7News, had minor injuries at the time of the rescue. However, he couldn’t resist the concussion and passed away at noon local time yesterday, almost a day after arriving at Flinders Medical Center hospital.

Still without further details on the case, police are working on the theory that the man “slipped on the sidewalk before banging his head on a Toyota sedan coming out of drive-thru,” as the newspaper reported. local.

The search for witnesses to elucidate the details of what was the fourth road crash-related death in South Australia alone in 2021, however, remains active.

“The circumstances surrounding this incident are still under investigation and anyone who witnessed the event should contact them,” Adelaide police said in a statement.

McDonald’s also released a statement expressing its willingness to clarify the accident. “The restaurant is assisting the police in the investigation and we are offering our full support to the employees who are currently working,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the person involved in this accident,” added the representative.

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