Elgar Davids was introduced at the Allhans Technical Command

Elgar Davids was introduced at the Allhans Technical Command

Following the dismissal, Olhanes’ coach refused to comment to reporters.

Former Dutch international footballer Edgar Davids made his debut as coach of the Olhanes this Sunday, drawing 0-0 at Lucidano de Ovora for the Portuguese championship and being sent off after the game.

Cambionado de Portugal’s Serie H played in a match in the 11th round at home to Lucidano de Ovora at the Eng. At the Morera Corneiro field, both teams balanced each other in the first half.

In the second half, the team coached by Edgar Davids improved their performance and had better moves to score, but failed to perform.

During the game, Olhanens’ Dutch coach was always on the bench, initially with little intervention, but as the game progressed he began to provide guidance to his players and praised some offensive plays.

After the final whistle, following a discussion between the players from both teams, Edgar Davids, like Olganes Lelego, was sent off by the referee, while Lucidano de Ovora’s coach Jose Pizarro was shown a yellow card.

Following the dismissal, the Olhanes coach refused to comment to reporters.

With this tie, Olhanes tied Amora and Esperania de Lagos in third place in the standings, beating Minero Aljustrelens 5-1 in Allendez this morning at the championship, led by Vitoria de Cetapal.

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