Elite Dangerous and the world’s next door epic game store is free

Need some new, free games for gaming and excitement on PC? The Epic Sports Shop I answered your prayers. Now, you can break both Elite is dangerous and the next door to the world The platform is free.

The truth is, they are two different games that offer a variety of adventures, but Elite Danger is a great, exciting game that you should be happy to take for free – there are a lot of ways to keep it occupied.

Early access to Dark Dungeon II is coming in 2021

This open-world space flight simulator gives you plenty of freedom on the galaxy screen, and this version gives you the newly released Horizons extension. This means you will get extra vehicles, explore planets, new warships and lots of great additions to the game to explore. Things you need to do once you start will definitely not run.

At the other end of the spectrum is The World Next Door, which combines intriguing elements of storytelling with puzzle battles and visual novel elements. Rose City Games created this unique adventure, which follows a young man who finds himself trapped in a strange world inhabited by strange, magical creatures.

Both games are now free until November 26, giving you a week to enjoy Thanksgiving time in the United States. On November 26, those two games will be replaced by off-road driving sim runner. This is typical of the epic game store system, so it’s worth seeing if you stumbled upon two of your favorite new games.

Always good to check again. You never know when the new option might come into view. In addition, it is always good to have plenty of options. Stay tuned for free games like this and eventually you will cover every site.

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