Emanuel Ferro: “We were in favor, we were against a great enemy” – Sports

Emanuel Ferro: "We were in favor, we were against a great enemy" - Sports

Game won (2-0) Welcome to Sporting de Prague, in a game in the 12th round of the Liga NOS, the result leaves the Lions using 8 points more than Minho in the league table.

At the end of the match, Emanuel Ferro praised the unity and character of the sports team against “a great opponent like Sp. Prague” and the elements that helped the Lions to add three points to the score.


Robben Amorim:

“The rest of the emotions are the feelings that come as a result of a win. A win was achieved very well not only with the game the team played but also with all the other key features that proved their variation. They were supportive and they had character against the opponent. , But with these features, we hit back at our goals “, started by the Lions’ assistant coach, in a statement to Sports TV.

Was performance a factor in the decision?

“I do not know. Honestly, performance … there are other aspects of the game that we naturally managed, it created the goals we scored. There were opportunities side by side. Above all, we maintained our unity, regardless of the most difficult moments of the game or when we were at the top. We also had a great deal of control over the game, SB Prague, due to his quality, was able to create some difficulties for us, but the remaining features are the positives of this game: two strong teams, yes, we knew what they would find in this game, but a great option and a huge With ambition we gave a great answer. Goals result a lot from that. “

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Or what does this victory mean?

“It’s just another success like the others that have been going on. This game is over, we will explore and prepare for the next. The only idea left is this and that. This is what we need to do, what is in the future, from the point of view of the development of the awareness team. We want to, “he concluded.

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