Emily Cave, wife of the late Oilers player, puts the COVID suspects in their place

Emily Cave, wife of the late Oilers player, puts the COVID suspects in their place

Wife of the deceased Edmonton Oilers Player Colby Cave has blamed individuals who did not protect themselves and others in the face of a vicious corona virus infection.

Emily Cave, whose husband died of cerebral hemorrhage in April, urged her supporters to take precautionary measures as Albert County began to stumble again due to an increase in infections.

Edmonton Oilers Colby Cave dies at 25, family announcements

“I have my views on COVID with Nano or those close to me, but today I have imposed new restrictions with Alberta,” he wrote in his Instagram stories on Thursday.

“I personally see and hear many people complaining. They understand that a lot of people will not get it, and if they do they will survive it. However, what happens if your loved one gets sick or dies in a car accident or something else too fast. Not allowed to be with them?!?!? My 25 year old husband died alone எனக்கு I have no clue what his last breath was… I have not been able to perform the funeral yet due to this global epidemic. ”

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Colby Cave, who played for the Boston Bruins and Oilers, was 25 when he died in April. He was placed in a medically induced coma after undergoing surgery to remove a pus cyst that was bleeding in the brain and causing more pressure on his brain.

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Emily Cave said she was surprised her post went viral. She wanted people to know how much the epidemic was affecting so many lives, including hers.

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“So for goodness sake, wear a mask,” he wrote. “Wash your hands & it’s not the end of your world if you can not go to house parties or do things that are basically a ‘luxury’ in your blessed world because I tell you

“It’s not a luxury for your husband to die alone. It’s not a luxury to get a phone call that he’s dead compared to holding his hand. It’s not a luxury to lose a loved one during a global epidemic.”

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