‘End SARS’ protesters rally at Dallas City Hall-NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

'End SARS' protesters rally at Dallas City Hall-NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Anger is growing in Nigeria over the shootings of peaceful protesters.

Nearly 70 people were killed in two weeks of protests against police violence.

This anxiety triggered protests in Dallas on Saturday showing solidarity with people fighting cross-border battles.

Hundreds of people have gathered outside Dallas City Hall this week to raise awareness of what is happening in Nigeria, where conflict is intensifying.

On Tuesday, Nigerian security forces reportedly killed at least 12 peaceful protesters.

A few days followed a protest against a Nigerian special anti-robber unit, widely known as SARS, a notorious police force accused of torture and murder.

The protests spread all over the world to Rihanna and Idris Elba, whom Beyonce calls “meanless cruelty”.

In Dallas, the names of people who died of anxiety were read aloud on Saturday to an audience full of people with families.

19-year-old Aaron Lawson, who said he left Nigeria when he was 11, said, “What’s really shocking is that if you were there, you could easily be me.

Lorraine Birabil is the first Nigerian-American to be elected to the Texas legislature.

Most of her family lives in Nigeria. She said we should all be interested in what’s going on there.

“Everything we value as Americans is rightly violated. Human rights are really the target of this fight and are at risk,” said Birabil.

Nigeria is Africa’s economic powerhouse with a population of 200 million. Texas is home to Nigerians more than any other state.

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