Epic forces the court to force Fortnite back to the iOS App Store.

Epic forces the court to force Fortnite back to the iOS App Store.
Enlarge / The artist’s concept of Epic avoiding harm from Apple’s decision (probably your own).

Epic The ongoing legal battle with Apple We are preparing for a hearing on September 28th, and Epic is officially requesting an injunction. Fortnite Go back to the iOS App Store.

on New consent Filed in court on Friday night, Epic calls Apple a “monopoly” who “fiercely retaliated” for Epic’s “challenging Apple’s misconduct.” Epic cites precedent in Apple’s Developer Agreement that such retaliation should not be faced for fighting “illegal terms”.

More specifically, Epic is used exclusively by Apple in iOS app distribution (via the App Store), allowing developers to [Apple’s in-app purchasing platform]. “

“Epic will be Apple’s direct competitor in the relevant markets and is ready to provide competitive app distribution and competitive payment processing on iOS,” the company wrote. “To be clear, Epic doesn’t force Apple to provide distribution and processing services for free, and Epic doesn’t try to enjoy Apple services without paying. What Epic wants is the freedom to not use Apple’s App Store or IAP. Instead, they use and provide competitive services.”

Epic use Short offer for “Epic Direct Payments” at the end of August iOS version Fortnite As evidence of “consumer demand” for this payment processing competition, Epic wrote that 53.4% ​​of iOS users chose the direct payment option for two weeks. Of course, the fact that the direct payment option was offered at a 20% discount compared to Apple’s payment processing may have affected the results.

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“Epic will never see these users again…”

Epic also continues to claim that Apple’s banning decision has already suffered irreparable damage. Fortnite From the App Store. Player previously downloaded Fortnite On iOS you can still play and that version can no longer be updated. Therefore, iOS players cannot connect with players on other platforms running the latest version of the game. Fortnite Communities depend entirely on connectivity. “Wrote Epic.

“People prefer Fortnite Partly than other games Fortnite Promote the community. When millions of players get out of the community overnight, Fortnite It makes itself less attractive to all other players, as well as players who are now unable to participate. “

everyday Fortnite Epic says that Apple’s decision led to a 60% decline in iOS usage, and 63% of iOS players not playing on other platforms were stranded.

meantime, Fortnite As the case goes on, iOS will not be able to attract new users. “Continuous loss Fortnite The company says that the place where users from all platforms come together will drive Epic’s customers to churn. “Epic will never see these users again. As such, damage to Epic’s flagship app cannot be counted as a loss.”

In the end, if Apple wins this case, Epic claims it can compensate the iOS manufacturer for damage through regular monetary damage.

on Ruling at the end of last month, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers almost rejected a similar allegation made by Epic while seeking an injunction against Apple. Fortnite Developed on iOS. Rogers had no “irreparable damage” to Epic. [Epic’s] Make your own. ”

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Rogers told Epic’s lawyers at a hearing in August, “The client made this situation.” “Your client doesn’t come to this action with clean hands. I think, you can’t do irreparable damage when you do it yourself.”

In a statement earlier this month, Apple said in a statement, “The court recommended that Epic adhere to the App Store guidelines during the case.” Apple said in a statement earlier this month. “Submit repeatedly Fortnite Updates designed to violate the guidelines of the App Store. “

“This isn’t fair to all the other developers on the App Store and it’s putting customers into a fight. We hope we can work together again in the future, but unfortunately it’s not possible now.”

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