Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed vows’military confrontation’ with Tigray region

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed vows'military confrontation' with Tigray region

A statement from the Avi’s office said, “This situation has reached a level beyond prevention and control through regular law enforcement mechanisms.”

The emergency condition lasts for 6 months and is supervised by a task force led by the military commander.

This decree gives the federal government broad powers to “protect the peace and sovereignty of the country and maintain public security, law and order” under the Ethiopian Constitution. Political and democratic rights stop here.

The statement was issued a few hours after the Prime Minister ordered military operations in the region earlier Wednesday.

“The federal government has used every means to hinder military warfare against the TPLF amid rising tensions between the federal government and the ruling party in the Ti Gray region,” read a previous statement, but “the last line of danger has been crossed.”

Abiy pledged that this mission would “save the country and region from becoming unstable.”

The details of the attack on the military base are not yet clear, but Abiy accused the TPLF of attempting to “hijack” the base of artillery and military equipment.

Abiy’s office said the TPLF had produced military clothing similar to the Eritrean Defense Forces, engaging the Eritrea government in false allegations of aggression.

According to the Internet monitoring group Netblocks, Internet services in the Tigray region have been discontinued from 1am local time on Wednesday.

The British Embassy in Ethiopia said, “We urge the immediate reduction of Tigray by joining the international community.” Tweet Wednesday. “We urge civilians to be safe in all respects.”
US embassy map Urging We encouraged escalation and “strongly” “to put the safety and security of civilians first” by all parties.

The TPLF dominated the ruling coalition in Ethiopia for nearly 30 years before Abiy came to power in 2018 due to massive anti-government protests. Tensions have risen between the party and the federal government in recent months over regional and national elections and military assets stationed in the Ti Gray region. According to the International Crisis Group

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Earlier this year, the Ethiopian government delayed all previously planned elections for August indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Tigray region decided to hold its own regional elections in September, when the federal government labeled it “illegal”.

Abiy’s domestic record is Not the reason he was suspicious It won the prestigious Nobel Prize last year. According to the committee, he was selected as “his definitive initiative to resolve border disputes with neighboring Eritrea” and signed a peace treaty that “will help bring positive change to the entire population of Ethiopia and Eritrea.”

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