EU recognizes shortage and says ready to help boost vaccine production – Observer

EU recognizes shortage and says ready to help boost vaccine production - Observer

The EU is poised to increase its ability to produce vaccines against Covit-19 in the wake of the recognition of the “global failure” in this regard and the delay in vaccination campaigns in Europe.

The launch of the vaccine has been the target of criticism in Europe, and especially in France, with the recession of the process, and doctors regret that hospital staff are not a priority due to insufficient quantities, the AFP says.

“The difficulties, at the moment, are not due to the volume of orders, but to the lack of global production capacity. This is the position of Bioentech,” European Health Commissioner Stella Kriakitz explained in an interview with German firm DPA.

Following an initial order in November for a 200 million dose vaccine developed by American Pfizer and German Bioendech, the European Union used the option of purchasing an additional 100 million dose in 2021.

Vaccination began last weekend in 27 countries of the European Union (EU), after a green light from Brussels in late December, from Pfizer / Bioentech to the vaccine, approved by the European Pharmaceuticals Agency.

“Fortunately, the EU has provided 100 million euros in funding to Bioentech to develop its productivity (…) The situation will improve slightly,” the EU said, adding that the EU was “ready to help again” to increase production capacity “.

Bioendech expects to begin production in February at a new production facility in Marburg, Germany, with the capacity to deliver 250 million additional volumes in the first half of 2021, the company’s deputy director promised Der Spiegel on Friday. German Ugur Sahin.

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The new unit strengthens production at the Belgian factory in Powers, where blocks assigned to the EU are manufactured. Bioentech has already announced that it has concluded agreements with five pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe to increase production, and agreements with other companies are still being negotiated.

In addition to the Pfizer / Bioendech vaccine, the EU has signed agreements with five other pharmaceutical companies: AstroGeneca / Oxford University; Johnson & Johnson; Sanofi-GSK; Modern; And Curvac are still trying to reach an agreement with Novak.

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