European countries are banning flights from the UK to prevent the corona virus mutation from spreading to the continent

European countries are banning flights from the UK to prevent the corona virus mutation from spreading to the continent

Many European Countries banned flights on Sunday United Kingdom Prevent a new strain Corona virus It has been spreading rapidly across southern England since gaining traction on the continent.

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and Ireland all announced restrictions on travel to the UK a week before Christmas.

Belgium imposed a 24-hour curfew beginning at midnight and suspended train services to Britain, including Eurostar, an international high-speed train service connecting the United Kingdom. With France, Belgium and the Netherlands via the Channel Tunnel. The London-Brussels-Amsterdam line has been canceled since Monday, however, with trains running from London to Paris.

Austria and Italy have said they will suspend flights from the UK but have not said exactly when that will happen. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic imposed severe isolation measures on people coming from Britain.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mio tweeted on Sunday that Italy, which had been the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe earlier this year, had “stopped flights” from Great Britain to “protect the Italians.” Was regional – but also to Venice and Rome.

UK locks up ‘Tier 4’ as new corona virus strain linked to Emergencies surgery in cases

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned Sunday that the new variant was “out of control”. In Appearances Of the BBC “Andrew Mar Show” And Skys’ “Sunday Sophie Ridge,” Hancock said, should act as if everyone has the virus, and suggested that the restrictions announced Saturday in Tier 4 areas could remain in place for at least the next several months until vaccines are distributed nationwide. .

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Ireland has imposed a 48-hour ban on all essential travel from the UK to midnight – this applies to those traveling by air and boat, although there are no restrictions on travel between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Irish Times Announced.

German Health Minister Jens Spann tweeted on Sunday that Germany was banning all passenger flights from the UK until midnight. He said the government would impose additional restrictions on travel between the UK and South Africa on Monday after reviewing reports of “mutated viruses”.

Martina Feitz, a spokeswoman for the federal government in Berlin, confirmed that German leaders were in contact with their European allies, and that federal police should only travel to the UK “if absolutely necessary”. German wave Announced.

Britain’s Prime Minister says a ‘consensus’ has been reached to go with the ‘publis’ rules of Christmas.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cruz has announced a 24-hour curfew starting at midnight on Sunday. He said he hoped more clarity would be available by Tuesday, adding that “there are many questions about this new mutation.”

This Friday December 18, 2020, file photo, a masked traveler verifies flight departure at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Netherlands bans flights from the United Kingdom throughout the year in an effort to ensure that a new strain of the COVID-19 virus in the UK does not reach its shores. (AP Photo / Peter Djong, FILE)

Reuters reports that Sweden is considering a ban on passenger entry from the UK. Swedish Interior Minister Michael Tamberg said a formal decision would be made on Monday.

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EU governments have said they will take action in response to tough measures imposed by the British prime minister on Saturday Boris Johnson In and around London. Johnson immediately brought those regions to a new level 4 control level and improved millions of Christmas plans.

In an urgent speech to the nation on Saturday, Johnson called on all essential shops, hairdressers, gyms and pools to close and restructure their holiday plans for the UK. Homes within Tier 4, including London, are no longer allowed to mix, and only essential trips are allowed inside and outside the area. In the rest of the UK, people will only be allowed to meet at Christmas bubbles one day instead of the planned five.

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Johnson said the new variant of the virus, which can spread 70% more than existing strains, could cause new infections to spread faster in London and the south of the UK. But he said “there is no evidence that it is very dangerous or causes serious illness” or that vaccines are less effective against it.

After he spoke, videos were released showing crowds rushing to London’s train stations, seemingly drawing a line to places in the UK with less severe corona virus controls before the new rules went into effect.

The UK has seen more than 67,000 deaths from the epidemic, the second confirmed in Europe after Italy. Overall Europe has recorded nearly 499,000 virus deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University, which experts believe is a calculation due to low levels of testing and missed cases.

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