European stocks steady, US futures rising ahead of deadline for self-support negotiations

European stocks steady, US futures rising ahead of deadline for self-support negotiations

Pedestrians pass by the Swiss bank giant UBS logo engraved on the wall of the Zurich headquarters on May 8, 2019.

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European stocks on Tuesday traded in tight ranges on concerns over the political environment on both sides of the Atlantic, as a wave of continental’s largest corporations, including UBS and Reckitt Benckiser, reported how the epidemic was helping rather than disrupting business.

Stoxx Europe 600 SXXP,
Germany DAX DAX, a major regional index, while up 0.1%
French CAC 40 PX1,
+ 0.37%,
+ 0.11%
— Mixed.

US stock SPX,
It fell on Monday as hope for fiscal stimulus seemed to disappear again. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said he hopes to be able to tell if the talks can be over by the end of Tuesday.

Futures of Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00,
+ 0.54%
137 points increased.

Meanwhile, the European Union has said it is willing to strengthen dialogue with Britain on the new trade agreement, but according to The Times newspaper report, there were no other signs that it was weakening its position.

News about the COVID-19 pandemic front continues to warn that Wales is set to begin shutting down the country on Friday while Ireland moves to the highest limits.

The losses occurred even when you received a lot of earnings reports.

LOGN from Logitech International,
+ 20.59%

+ 0.25%
Shares rose 21% as Swiss-U.S. computer peripherals manufacturers saw profits surge during the quarter and the company increased its annual guidance, increasing sales for the second quarter by 75%.

A stake in biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment manufacturer Sartorius SRT,
+ 3.18%
It has risen 4% after saying that the current earnings will be slightly above the upper limit or above. It ranges from 22 to 26% of the previously expected year. The company said it has benefited from the preparation of biopharmaceutical customers to build production capacity for coronavirus vaccines and COVID-19 treatments.

+ 2.74%

+ 1.11%
The stock price has risen 3% as Swiss giant banks have set aside $1.5 billion for stock redemptions and $1 billion in dividends, and are expected to get permission to resume next year. UBS said its third-quarter profits nearly doubled, Thanks to a 42% surge in global market sales.

Rekit Ben Kiser RB,
+ 1.41%
Shares rose 2% as consumer goods companies increased their sales guidance, and they are seeing low double-digit growth this year, driven by demand for disinfectant brands like Lysol.

Stocks rose further. Late on Monday, BMW said it would report better-than-expected car cash flows in the third quarter.

Sharing from remote software provider TeamViewer TMV,
It fell 7% after Permira sold its 11% stake, which was 8% off the closing price on Monday. This year, the stock price soared 34%.

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