Euthanasia. Parliament approves legislation to resolve death with medical assistance

14 representatives of the Socialist Party, PE, PON, PEV, Liberal Initiative and PSD and CDS, SEGA and PCP.

In all, 136 delegates voted in favor, 78 against and four voted against.

At the polls, the PSD, which won the right to vote, split: 56 delegates voted against, with 14 in favor, including party leader Rui Rio.

In the Socialist Party, a majority voted in favor of the law, but nine delegates voted against it, including Asenjo Simis, Jose Luis Carneiro, assistant general secretary.

Of those who voted, two were P.S.

The overall final referendum on diploma results from the BE, BS, PAN, BEV and IL programs is generally approved in February 2020 and is scheduled for today’s full session. .

In particular, the law provides that over the age of 18, without mental problems or illness, suffering and incurable disease, death with medical assistance can only be claimed by a physician.

Now approved, President Marcelo Rebello de Souza can veto or send to the Constitutional Court (DC) or declare.

Marcelo did not happen by a margin of 17 votes as the outsiders did not declare the law immediately dragged out, a climate of uncertainty about the future of the leaves that the RTP was pointing to, according to the approval mark by two-thirds of parliament, and the ban, or may be sent for study by DC.

If the president announces the law, Portugal will become the fourth country in Europe and the seventh in the world.

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