Even 9,000 companies did not get additional job support last month

Even 9,000 companies did not get additional job support last month

The number of companies that had access to extraordinary support for progressive recovery and the simplified layoff mechanism for companies that were forced to close were lower in December, despite the more restrictive measures imposed since November and the progressive easing of access rules in the case of the first mechanism.

Last month, according to the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, less than nine thousand companies were using two extraordinary measures in support of job maintenance. “In December 2020, 8800 companies with 68 thousand workers were shut down due to extraordinary support for progressive restarts and simplified layoffs,” according to information provided to Dinhero Vivo, which did not split the numbers for the two options. Developed to respond to infection.

However, the ministry points out that a number of businesses with access to simplified layoffs – and still only bars, clubs and other entertainment establishments in December, were administratively barred from opening their doors.

According to Social Security figures, companies and workers covered by the Labor Code layoffs, which reached 254 companies and 6963 workers in November, are not in the data.

Support for a gradual recovery has so far been weakly adherent, with a total of only 19,000 beneficiary companies until mid-December, according to information sent to parliament by Labor, Solidarity and Social Security Minister Ana Mendes Godinho. There were about 14,000 in October.

This support has already been extended until the end of June, and the rules, released on Friday, are very generous to companies that have been shut down in an emergency, ending with the opportunity to access support for the rest, those with the highest number of loss of income. Billing – an exceptional measure effective in December.

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