Even without Barry Bohem, Syracuse 75-45 easily handles Niagara

Even without Barry Bohem, Syracuse 75-45 easily handles Niagara

Syracuse, NY – Niragara had the most firepower in Syracuse, despite cutting two starters.

Syracuse, who plays without centerpiece Citadel and opening guard Patti Boheim, easily defeated Niagara 75-45 in Carrier Dom on Thursday night.

CDB, 6-10 senior, missed the game on Tuesday after undergoing surgery for a torn meniscus in his left knee.

About 90 minutes before the start of the game on Wednesday, SU officials announced that he was an unidentified player Tested positive for Covid-19. Boheim is believed to be one of a small group of players who left the game as a result of contact tracking protocol.

With Boheim out, Syracuse’s starting line-up included Sophomore Joe Girard, newcomer Guard Katari Richmond, junior transfer Alan Griffin, Sophomore Quincy Courier and senior Marek Tolejaj.

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Carrier led Syracuse with 23 points in a 9-to-10 field goal shootout. He combined his career with 13 rebounds. This is his second double-double in several games this season. The courier did all his work in just 25 minutes.

In his first college start, Richmond played better, finishing with 16 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three steals.

Syracuse controlled the game 26-2 in the first half. Orange 14-13 with 13 minutes left in the half.

But Syracuse stepped up its defensive effort and held the Purple Eagles to two points in the next eight minutes to take a 39-16 lead.

In the opening half, Syracuse put Niagara on 29 percent (34 for 10) for field goal shooting. The Purple Eagles loaded 24 3-point shots in the first 20 minutes, but just five games.

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Niagara’s shooting tragedies continued into the second half. The Purple Eagles injured 36 for 6 from the 3-point range for the game.

SU When coach Jim Boheim returned to his bench, Syracuse took a 65-36 lead when newcomers Woody Newton and Redshirt newcomer John Paul Ajax were sent off by Serras and Tolejaj.

Syracuse (2-0) is scheduled to host Rider (0-0) at Carrier Dome on Saturday.

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