Everyone at Alfredo Quintana: The next few hours will be decisive

Everyone at Alfredo Quintana: The next few hours will be decisive

The next few hours will be crucial for FC Porto’s handball goalkeeper and Portuguese teammate Alfredo Quintana this Monday. Dragon was arrested for heart disease during training.

The 32-year-old was taken to the hospital de Sao Jono after more than 30 minutes in a heart attack operation and is now fighting for his life, hoping for a worldwide recovery in handball.

Following the news, a number of national and international clubs gave strength to Portuguese-Cuban and players from many national teams around the world, who have played against Quintana in national team competitions and the Champions League.

Sergio Concio, coach of the FC Porto football team, also left a message of support for the handball player’s family, guaranteeing victory after the victory over Martimo “Everyone is praying” for Quintana’s recovery.

Quintana is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world and has been a key player in the best decisions of the Portuguese team he has represented since 2014.

After initial reports, FC Porto did not update Quintana’s health, although this was the only confirmed news. Champions League match scheduled for Wednesday in Belarus against Meshkov Priest, Postponed to the date to be notified.

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