Exciting title in Formula 1: Hamilton and Mercedes still without agreement

Exciting title in Formula 1: Hamilton and Mercedes still without agreement

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The seven-time world champion is the only driver without a contract for the new season, but will renew.

Louis Hamilton’s update with Mercedes has not yet been put on paper, although the parties said several months ago that it would be easier to settle. As only the place of the seven-time world champion has not been confirmed, March and pre-season trials are subject to almost all conversations in Formula 1.

Mercedes does not want to pay more than மில்லியன் 45 million a year, which is the current value Hamilton has earned, and he seems to be doing very well in details such as the extension of the contract. On the Mercedes side, the opportunity to summon George Russell, who had proven to be of the quality to surrender his comrade, also came to be weighed as an argument.

Stefano Dominicali, now F1 CEO, believes that “Hamilton is important to Mercedes and has the potential to be even bigger with this team.” However, the former Ferrari director admits that Hamilton has a chance to enter in 2021 without a contract: “It already happened in 1993. McLaren is still in talks with Ayrton Senna.” At this point, there are those who remind Mercedes that Ferrari stopped dominating after losing Schumacher – which in 2007 won a title with Raikon.

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