Explosion in Lebanon was due to Welding?

Explosion in Lebanon

On 9th of November 2020 an explosion caused Injury of three people. The cause of the explosion was known to be the welding work going on in southern town of Zefta.

Due to the incident that happened there, it was reported by National News Agency that the Syrian man who was doing the welding along with his uncle and a young boy got injured.

They also reported that the explosion was so deadly that the voice was heard all over the Zefta and Marwaniyeh town, not only this but the nearby areas also heard the noise

Though the sound was reached to a good distance but fortunately, the impact didn’t spread to this of a distance and lives of people were saved.

According to further information of NNA the young Syrian man named Fadi H. who was welding a barrel’s tap in his home that was located in Zefta. The barrel contained remnants of paint thinner which caused the explosion.

While welding the barrel, the material inside wasn’t brought into consideration which resulted into a massive blast.

Despite of human injuries, explosion caused damage to the windows and roof of the house. The explosion did not cause any deaths. But swear injuries and damage was caused.

This way loss of capital was also faced by people. Though the loss was really low as compare to the loss happened due to other recent explosive activities happening in Lebanon due to welding activities.

Right after the incident happened the helping vans and teams from different security agencies launched the investigation to ensure each and every detail of the event, agency stated.

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They made sure that each and every side and detail of the incident gets recorded, so that the clear reason behind the incident can be known and it could avoid next time. This will also help in avoiding such an incident to happen again.

Other helping vans also reached to carry those who got injure to hospital and clean the destruction happened due to the explosion.

This incident was 10 times less deadly than other incidents that have been taking place in Lebanon. It was all blamed-on welding work that all those incidents took place.

The reason was clear that the area was not that densely populated this time. Those who were surrounded got injured and it included 3 people mainly.

One who was doing welding and other two associated with him including a young boy who assists him and his uncle who was around him at that time.

The incident was different but the cause was same, Welding activity happening.

One of the deadliest among those was one which happened on 4th of August. In that incident around 200 people lost their lives. Along with this 6,500 people were wounded.

The reason of it being deadly was that the area where blast happened was densely populated.

Despite of injuries, the loss of money was also massive. The money loss was in form of building and destruction of materials and furniture’s in nearby areas.

It has been brought into consideration that process of welding should be made safer for people conducting the activity and those who are around.

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This not only risks life of people who do the job but also those living around. The investigations will ensure to bring out exact situation that happened there, to minimize the danger of anymore incident happening at least due to welding activity.

It will also be ensured that such activity needs to take place in area that is not densely populated by people and buildings.


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