Extraterrestrial planets in deep space can be made of diamonds, researchers suggest

Extraterrestrial planets in deep space can be made of diamonds, researchers suggest

They say diamonds are the girl’s best friends, but what about the whole planet made of diamonds?

According to a newly published study Alien planet It can turn into a diamond in a deep space composed primarily of carbon.

Research published in Planetary science journalSuggests that these “carbon-rich” planets may have the right conditions such as water, heat and pressure to convert carbon into diamonds. These planets can also form other minerals found on Earth, such as silicates and oxides.

An illustration of a carbon-rich planet that uses diamond and silica as its main minerals. Water can turn carbide planets into diamond-rich planets. Inside, the main minerals are diamond and silica (layers with crystals in the picture). The core (dark blue) can be an iron-carbon alloy. Credits: Shim/ASU/Vecteezy

DWARF PLANET CERES has a’ancient sea’ that uses salt water, the researchers confirmed.

“This extraterrestrial planet is like no other in our solar system,” said Harrison Allen-Shutter, the study’s lead author. statement.

In recent memories, researchers planet Can consist of diamonds including 55 Cancri e 2004 year.

As well as stars, planets are mainly composed of dust and gases. However, if the planets surrounding the star have more carbon and the presence of water, a “diamond-rich composition” can be created.

For comparison, there is a relatively small component of diamonds on Earth, around 0.001%.

In their abstract, the researchers wrote that “after reactions, excess water can be stored in high-density silica polymorphs inside the converted carbon planet.” “Conversion of these mineralogies to diamonds and silicates reduces the density of carbon-rich planets, distinguishing them from silicate planets in a mass-radius relationship over the 2-8 Earth mass range.”

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To build the hypothesis, the researchers utilized intense heat and pressure using a high-pressure diamond anvil cell. There they laser heated the mixture by placing silicon carbide in water and compressing it between two diamonds.

Eventually, silicon carbide turned into diamond and silica.

While the presence of diamonds may be of interest to the deceased Marilyn Monroe, the researchers added that these planets are unlikely to accommodate life. They pointed out that it is likely that they are not geologically active and probably have an atmosphere that is not conducive to life.

Allen-Sutter added in a statement “an additional step that will help us understand and characterize the ever-increasing number of extraterrestrial planetary observations, regardless of the possibility of residence.” “The more we learn, the better we can interpret new data from upcoming future missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope to understand the world beyond our solar system.”

NASA’s James Webb Telescope is set to launch in October 2021 and has been pushed back months after the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News. Previously reported.

Several aliens orbiting the’sun-like star’ first discovered in deep space

In total, more than 4,000 extraterrestrial planets have been discovered by NASA, of which about 50 are believed to be potentially inhabitable as of September 2018. They have the right size and trajectory to support surface water, and at least in theory support life.

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