Facebook and Twitter have labeled Trump’s post for two votes, but they have never said it was illegal to do so.

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However, the label hardly explains that it is illegal to try to vote twice. Facebook updated the label to clarify later. However, the ad hoc approach to Trump’s remarks weeks before an important election shows that the company is still struggling to develop a clear strategy to address his claims.

Trump on Thursday morning Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) Voters must visit their polling place in person to see if their vote-by-mail ballot has been counted.

Trump insisted on social media as “voting if it wasn’t counted (citizen’s rights)”.

Trump’s online post reflected what he made in a television interview. WECT News this week. However, many state officials said it was a crime to try to vote twice.

Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a statement about Trump’s remarks: “I’ll be perfectly clear. It’s illegal to vote twice.” The president’s idea is a good idea for those trying to go to jail. My office will prosecute as much as possible. [sic] Anyone who knowingly violates our election laws

After Trump’s online remarks on Thursday, Facebook has put a label under his post.

The label said, “Visit the Voting Information Center for election resources and official updates,” including a link to the information hub. The label did not advise users about the potential illegality of following Trump’s suggestion. The voting information center did not provide that information either.

A few hours later, Twitter said that Trump tweeted about the matter and that his offer to vote “specifically” twice violated the platform’s policy of civic integrity.

However, neither label explicitly stated which part of Trump’s remarks triggered enforcement action.

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Following a backlash from social media that there was no specific content, Facebook updated the label using a different language.

“Mail voting has a long history of trust in the United States and is expected to be the same this year. (Source: Nonpartisan Policy Center),” reads the new label.

However, the updated label simply brought a general statement about vote-by-mail from the voting information center and did not provide a concrete refutation to Trump’s proposal for voting twice.

Labeling is by Facebook Announced restrictions In a new political advertisement in the week leading up to Election Day. Facebook also said it will apply the label to posts trying to outlaw election results and politicians’ claims of victory before official results are announced.

On Thursday, one of Facebook’s biggest critics, Massachusetts Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, said the new policy was inadequate.

“Not enough” she Tweet. “Facebook continues to break down our responsibility to protect our democracy. Now we’re facing bigger problems than ever, and we have to do more than small, performative coordination.”

Following Facebook’s action, Twitter has put a warning label on both of Trump’s tweets.

“We posted public interest notices in two tweets in this thread for violating our civic integrity policy.” Said in a tweet, “Especially encouraging people to potentially vote twice.”

You can retweet a Tweet as a comment, but you cannot like, retweet, or reply.

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