Facebook has a question for you about privacy on iOS!

Facebook has a question for you about privacy on iOS!

Facebook is not happy with Apple’s decision on advertising transparency. Applications must notify users of everything. I.e. whether they will follow them on the sites or not. However, as Apple has not backed down, Zuckerberg has no choice but to inform users of its social network. Facebook is now showing a new warning about privacy on iOS. In practice this guarantees better advertising. This is in exchange for your valuable data.

Facebook has a question for you about privacy on iOS!

A group of selected individuals who are already testing this. This innovation should come when the iOS 14 beta is released. At that time, Facebook will encourage its users to allow tracking on websites and apps. All in exchange for a better experience.

However, he also talks about affiliates that rely on ads to reach the hearts of users.

This innovation from Apple is something that users don’t like much. This especially hurts small businesses. However, privacy experts say the claims are ridiculous and that Facebook is more concerned about the impact on its own businesses.

In this regard, the latest information The Wall Street Journal It has been revealed that less than 20% of iOS 14 users are likely to accept this move from Facebook. This will have a strong impact on this social network.

The transparency function at the advertising level comes in early spring. That means it will be with you when you upgrade to iOS 14.

Problems Privacy Are increasing. Especially when it comes to advertising. Because ads are increasingly specific. In fact, even if we look at a particular product on a website, we will start bombarded with ads for similar products on every page we visit.

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