Facebook Removes Trump Ads For Refugees And Covid-19

Facebook Removes Trump Ads For Refugees And Covid-19

Facebook said Wednesday it had stopped advertising for the Trump campaign without evidence that accepting refugees from abroad would increase the risk associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said, “We rejected these advertisements because we do not allow claims that people’s physical safety, health or survival is a threat to people based on nationality or immigration status.

The ad included a video of Joe Biden talking about the border, with text overlaid about the’health risks’ from’increased refugees’. It also claimed that Biden would increase the number of refugees from Syria, Somalia and Yemen by 700 percent. Ads did not cite the source.

The Trump campaign started running ads on Tuesday in at least 38 different versions before Facebook decided that the ad violated the company’s policies. Advertising policy.

According to Facebook’s online advertising library, one version was targeted at Facebook users in Florida and received between 5,000 and 6,000 impressions before being taken down. Another version targeted people in North Carolina and received 60,000 to 70,000 impressions.

President Donald Trump’s campaign stood behind the ad, asserting again in a separate statement that if Biden became president and refugees allowed, Americans would be exposed to the added risk of Covid-19.

“Americans can rely on President Trump to lead our country through this crisis and provide a great American return,” campaign spokesman Courtney Farella said in a statement.

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