Facebook – WhatsApp clarifies that it does not share user data with the Observer

Facebook - WhatsApp clarifies that it does not share user data with the Observer

The update to Facebook-owned company’s privacy policy has sparked controversy that has led thousands of users to search for alternative messaging applications. But WhatsApp guarantees: “Policy update will not affect the privacy of messages you exchange with friends or family in any way”, but-se No margin.

In response to last week’s events, WhatsApp We made it available A new FAQ page on your site clarifies the company’s position regarding user privacy. The move comes after the company received thousands of reactions against the privacy policy update – which will take effect on February 8 – in connection with WhatsApp’s mandatory data sharing practices with the parent company, Facebook.

However, it is now known that information about updating WhatsApp policies does not match the company’s plan, especially regarding information coming from conversations or profiles between users. Instead, WhatsApp is now clarifying that this change is designed to explain how companies that use the customer service platform can store records of their conversations (files containing information about various events and happenings) on Facebook servers. .

These explanations came at a time when thousands of users were leaving the service and looking for alternatives, namely the Telegram news service – which had 500 million users in just 72 hours with 25 million users in the last four days – and the signal, another WhatsApp competitor, was downloaded 7.5 million times from the App Store last week. Behind him are voices like Elon Musk or Edward Snowden.

In an attempt to erase the misunderstanding and control the damage caused by the exclusion, WhatsApp executives and others in the Facebook family turned to social media, as did Andrew Bosworth, Adam Moseri or Will Godgard.

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“I want to share with you how committed everyone at WhatsApp is to providing private communications to two billion people worldwide. With the final encryption, we will not be able to see your private conversations or calls, nor will we be able to see Facebook. We are committed to this technology and we are committed to protecting it globally.” Last wrote on Twitter last Friday.

The newly created FAQ page emphasizes that Facebook or WhatsApp users do not read news records or listen to their calls, and that WhatsApp users do not store location data or share contact information with Facebook. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy in Europe has different plans because European data protection laws are much lower than in the United States.

On January 8, several media (including Observer) Announced WhatsApp will launch to force users to share personal data with Facebook. As of that date, the General Regulation on Data Protection, which came into force in 2018, prohibits the sharing of user data with third parties in the EU, i.e. with a company led by Mark Zuckerberg. Therefore, the EU was excluded from this division and the United Kingdom.

WhatsApp forces users to share data with Facebook. The EU and the UK are immeasurable

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