Fallout 76 | Inventory update is now available

Fallout 76

Comes and joins today Rainfall 76, Inventory update begins the new year of content, upgrades, concerts, social demands and more for online RPG.

Increase in container limit

Freight renewal is one of the most frequently requested requests from the community, increasing the capacity of the container to store items by 50% to reach the limit of 1,200. Players can accumulate equipment, supplies and anything else they find in the desert.

Pip-Boy Updates

Inventory updates include upgrades to the user interface and Pip-Boy updates. Three new tabs have been added to the Pip-Boy inventory menu: “Fresh”, “Armor” and “Food / Drink”.

  • New – This tab displays all the items that players collect during a game session, organized from the most recent to the oldest.
  • Shield – The shield was given its own flap so that players could keep their devices separate from other clothing.
  • Food and drink – Now, in Pip-Boy inventory, food and beverages will be separated from the “Help” tab. However, Nargos and Soros will be on the “Help” tab.

Overall weight

Henceforth, when players select any overall item in their inventory, Pip-Boy will display the individual weight and layer weight of that item. This change allows players to quickly and easily see the significant intake of weight in their cargo.

The message that appears when viewing a preview of other players’ vending machines on the map will now show the number of famous 1, 2 or 3 star weapons and armor that this player sells. Additionally, blank sections are no longer displayed.

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For the future, the return of the beloved Fosnach event and the new themed Valentine’s Day event are scheduled to come in February.

Check out the latest news about Rainfall 76 Click here.

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