Far-right plans to act with weapons in U.S. capitals, FBI warns

Far-right plans to act with weapons in U.S. capitals, FBI warns

Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, the main building of the United States Congress, to prevent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory certification
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The FBI has warned that far-right groups are planning armed protests in state capitals this weekend. Days after the Capitol invasion, the warning sparked a rush from governors to beef up administrative building security and prevent scenes seen in Washington from repeating locally.

The agency’s warning was contained in a memo, which is a sort of “raw intelligence product” that compiles information gathered by the FBI and other government agencies. Some of the threats have not been controlled and there will likely be a difference in acts from one place to another, but the information is that there are extremist plans for all 50 state capitals.

The data highlighted in the memo raised concerns. There is information to suggest that extremists could break into government offices or start an uprising to defend Trump’s second term – who lost the election in the popular vote and also in the Electoral College.

The FBI declined to comment on the memo, first revealed by ABC News. Authorities in many states have already started taking steps to increase security and plan tougher responses to the protests compared to what was seen last week.

On Saturday, armed protesters surrounded the Kentucky Capitol. Dressed in camouflage clothing and carrying assault weapons and handcuffs, they vowed to continue supporting Trump while protesting Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear and Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell.

In Wisconsin, state officials began protecting windows in the state capital on Monday. In Arizona, officials erected a double-layered wire fence around the Capitol complex in Phoenix.

Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee has summoned 750 National Guard troops to help protect the Capitol.


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