FC Porto and Benfica win, defending leadership against Sporting Olivier

FC Porto and Benfica win, defending leadership against Sporting Olivier

In the second round of the second round, which opened this Saturday, the Dragons and Reds emerged victorious. This Sunday the sports leader Oliveira de Azamis walks into a ring

FC in the 15th round of the National Roller Hockey Championship. Porto beat Formalisense 7-1 to finish third, followed by Minho in ninth. Not far from home, the Dragons built their victory after a goalless first half. After the break, the Blues and the Whites backed themselves up with a hat-trick from Carlo de Benedetto in the first four minutes, followed by goals from Coco, Gonallo Alves (free-live), Rafa and Reynolds Garcia.

In terms of formality, Juan Jose Lopez scored 38 runs.

In Loos, Benfica beat Juventus de Viana 4-2 to finish fifth, two games behind at the same time. Lucas Ordos (2) and Edu Lamas advanced to build the house, commanding 3-0 at 31 ‘. With two goals, Jono Pedro Pereira reduced it to 42 ‘and Ordosz converted it 4-2 with three minutes left.

This Sunday, at 15h00, Sporting, the leader of the championship, is playing in the path of Oliverens, defeated in the first round (2nd round), in Alvalade, beating Oliveira de Asemis. This is the big game of the 15th round, which tests the leadership of the Lions, which is a common advantage over Barcelona, ​​which will complete this round on the 20th.


15th day

Wallongo-HC Prague 3-3

Famalicense-FC Porto 1-7

Benfica-J. Vienna 4-2

Tigress-Ripa D “Away 4-6

Sanzones-S.P. Take 2-5

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