FC Porto Benfica Hockey Skates Championship

FC Porto Benfica Hockey Skates Championship

[EM ATUALIZAÇÃO: 2-1 aos 32′]

In Classic Roller hockey It takes place this afternoon (2:00 pm) between Benfica and FC Porto at the Drago Arena. Follow the game directly in the 14th round of the National Championship.

Oh செந்தரம் However, the offensive of both parties began very quickly in the process First big opportunity The target is owned by FC Porto. To 5 ‘, Rafa appeared alone in the face Point Pedro Henriques, But the Red Guard appeared close, with his feet, able to avoid the target. Two minutes later, in 7 ‘, Oh Benfica Replied. Lucas Orthoses Shot, the ball went wide Walter NevesHowever, the Captain of the Club da Loose The ball failed to hit the target. Xavi Melian was attentive and refused the attempt.

To 15 ‘, Carlos Nicolia came very close to open the score. Argentina International, from the middle of the street, pulled the breech back and fired a powerful shot, but the FC Porto goalkeeper was able to destroy it. The ball took the path from the right angle of the goal, but Xavi Melian’s glove prevented the red celebrations. Does not indicate Benfica, Using those at home. At speeds of two-thirds, in 18 ‘, Boca saw Ezekiel Mena, and the 8th number did not fly. Porto Defender throbbed Point Pedro Henriques After putting the ball in the blind spot of the Benfica goalkeeper (1-0).

Ten seconds before the break Benfica equalized through Lucas Orthoses. Carlos Nicolia Worked well behind the target and sent it to his comrade Orthoses scored his 23rd goal at the National Championship – Athletes Chlorioso Strengthens the position of The highest scorer of the competition. The striker climbed from the bottom and the ball bounced into the opponent’s net. In the meantime: 1-1.

Local Dragon Arena
Benfica’s opening five Point Pedro Henriques, Walter Neves, Diego Raphael, Lucas Orthoses and Miguel Vieira
Replace Marco Burroughs, Carlos Nicolia, Edu Lamas, Sergi Aragonas and Gonallo Pinto
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