FC Porto claims to have been evicted from Citadel without identification

FC Porto claims to have been evicted from Citadel without identification

Confusion spread with racist references on social networks from commentators

FC Porto complained about the expulsion of Cittoen from the Balancing SAD, realizing that they should have seen the 2nd yellow card without a change of identity.

The move took place in 1967, when the South Africans cheated Fabio Vieira, believing that the dragons would be subjected to advice, which would lead to a red card display as it was already yellow from the 14th.


However, during Sport TV’s Juso finale, commentator Rui Rodriguez cited Coffey Beat, 58, as the reason for another breach of Portoistas’ complaints, noting that there was confusion among those in charge of FC Porto. This praise was followed by other commentators and spread on social networks, due to the fact that racist references to this flaw in the blue and white system put “two black players” in danger.

For what Registration Found, F.C. Porto rejects any defect altogether and reiterates that the cytoplasm should have been expelled. Adding this error, in his view, was all that was left to show to Diego Galileo, who was fined on Taremi and myself, and another second yellow card.

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