FCC confirms support for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

FCC confirms support for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

The FCC list confirms that Samsung’s S Pen Stylus can be used with the company’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. Confirmation, first Found Android Power, Comes inside A test report For model number SMG998B. The discovery provides clarity Recent reports Samsung Mobile Chairman D.M. From Rohit, he said that “some of the most coveted features” of the Galaxy Note will come to other Samsung devices in 2021.

The FCC test report explicitly describes an EUT (Text Under Test) device that can be used in hover and click mode with an S pen. “EUT can be used with a stylus device (S Pen). Operating in the 0.53 –0.6 MHz range, the S Pen works with the EUT S Pen in two different induction connection modes of motion detection (hover and click). ”

Relevant section of the FCC test report showing S-PEN support and other features.
Screen Grab: FCC Filed

The list also confirms wireless power transmission (to charge for upcoming things Galaxy Butts Pro earrings), WiFi 6 e, And the UWP on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is yet to be announced. Rohum said last week that Samsung was planning Do more with Ultra-White Band in 2021 With the help of partners, use UWB to locate objects or your family pets, open doors and customize car experiences.

Everything should be clear at the upcoming Samsung event in January, presumably 14 Thursday If there are rumors.

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