Final Fantasy XIV may continue indefinitely

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Director Final Fantasy XIV, Noki Yoshida (Yoshi-B) commented in an interview Washington Post Must receive game updates for at least five years. He commented that the game may not be closed and that it will receive support indefinitely.

Remember that the game has arrived Total failure, The choice of various graphic elements, is criticized by the game and many bugs. Yoshida was in charge of rebuilding the title as Square Enix fans forced the game out of the air. That’s how they started An imperial reincarnation And the game ended successfully.

Now, though Final Fantasy XVI Yoshida comments that Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda wants the team to continue to invest in the old MMO. According to the director, Matsuda will encourage the search for a further 30 million players, which appears to be possible, according to the report. This is because the growth in the number of people in the game online has not stagnated, on the contrary, it is growing.

According to the director, this is only thanks to specific planning within the studio. New extensions are being created taking into account the rate of work. The team considers the site of the game already 70% developed, the amount of work that can be expanded should not exceed 30%. This ensures that the title often contains new content.

But it needs better organization in the long run. Expansion Endwalker, Expected in the coming months, for example, written in 2019.

When asked about the new content for the next topic, Yoshi-B said that Square Enix is ​​looking at it without revealing anything in half. Because, according to him, each person has his own idea of ​​what is being presented, which often ends up being a false expectation.

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Final Fantasy XVI Released for PlayStation 5, no release date yet. This will let you know more about the plot of the game Official website in Portuguese.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn has a completely different game dynamic from other games in the genre. You can proceed as you wish.

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