Find out where to look for friends and rumors after leaving the Netflix series

Find out where to look for friends and rumors after leaving the Netflix series

Guys, Gossip Girl and Um Maloko No Bedao left Netflix for Brazil this Friday (1st)

For friends, gossip girl and fans of Um Maluko no Pedano, 2021 has already started badly. This is because the series left the streaming service that was on the Netflix list in Brazil. Now, how to see?

For now, no streaming service owns the rights to broadcast this series in the country. The wait may have counted its days, but no end date has been set yet. Friends
, Gossip Girl and Crazy in the Peace will be a part HBO Max
, Which has already made its debut in the United States, but no date has been set for landing on Brazilian soil.

Like it did before Disney came along Disney +
, HBO removed all its content from the list of competitors Amazon Prime Video and Netflix when it launched its streaming service in Brazil. A similar movement lives on HBO Max, which has not yet officially arrived, but may be on its way.

We America, friends, Rumor has it girl
, The new prince of Bel Air
And other images and series from WarnerMedia, which owns the joint venture that controls HBO, have already been removed from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In Brazil, since HBO Max has not yet arrived, it took a long time to remove this content.

As expected, the departure of the series has been officially confirmed Netflix
On December 23rd. “Thanks for all the laughter, gossip and coffee. I tried, guys. But there’s only until December 31st to review a crazy man, gossip girl and friends,” Netflix posted on Twitter.

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If HBO Max suffers until the arrival of Brazilians without being able to run a marathon of the already established series, the anticipation for the future is encouraging. In addition to the series being available again when the streaming service arrives, there will be new products available that include all three, Friends, Gossip Girl and Um Maluko No Pedano.

Years later, friends and casts of Um Maluko no Pedano make specials with historical reunions, while Gossip Girl gets a resume, a kind of new version.

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